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The ultimate corporate event

DOXIS is an experienced DJ who will play a credible mix of music such as Funk & Soul, 80’s & 90’s right up to present day Chart, R&B and House based on your selections through our requests form. DOXIS can cater for a wide variety of different ages and music tastes.

From awards ceremonies to fundraisers, sleek, modern illuminated DJ booths with moving lights are guaranteed to make your event stand out. Radio microphone packages allow for seamless transitions between speakers and top quality audio systems allow for all your guests to hear the proceedings. 

DOXIS is proud to have worked with corporations across the UK such as Iceland Foods and England Rugby. 

To discuss your next event or to book in for a consultation, please get in touch!


Birthday parties

If you're turning 16 or 60, DOXIS has you covered. Playing a mix of music suited to you, based on your selections for the night, DOXIS is sure to meet the right energy for your party. Whether you want to emulate a nightclub for an 18th birthday party, a throwback to funk, soul and motown or a family friendly mixture for all ages, with consultations throughout the build up to your event, DOXIS will make sure that your party is exactly what you want.

Want to thank your guests for celebrating with you? Or give a speech telling of how your little ones are now all grown up? Ask about radio microphone packages so you can be heard throughout the venue!

Make Your event stand out?

Want to add an extra dimension to your event? Consider booking an accompanying musician to work with DOXIS.

Whether it's a saxophonist, violinist or percussionist, the musicians can be centre stage or roaming through the crowds engaging with the guests. They are guaranteed to bring an extra element of energetic performance to the party.


Contact Us

To contact us, please fill in the form on the contact page or email us at 

Alternatively you can call or text DOXIS on +44 (0) 7817 749783.

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