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Wedding Hosting

Want to take the stress out of organising the guests? DOXIS can act as a master of ceremonies throughout the day, taking this important role away from a member of staff or a guest so that they could enjoy your big day, without the added stress. DOXIS takes a relaxed approached to the role, while still being professional, to keep you and your guests at ease. 


Welcoming your guests, introducing them to the venue and answering questions are all part of the service. 

DOXIS will be available right from the start of your day, playing music through hidden speakers at your ceremony while guests arrive and you are signing the registry.


Through the drinks reception, DOXIS will play carefully selected and themed background music and, if required, liaise with a photographer to gather guests for group photos. 

Just before your grand entrance, DOXIS will ask the guests to take their seats and wait until everyone is ready before giving a brief personalised introduction along with individually chosen entrance music. 

Playing music at your wedding breakfast at a moderate volume to ensure your guests can still talk, monitoring throughout.


DOXIS will announce the speeches, introducing those speaking after giving each speaker a radio microphone to ensure they are heard across the venue. Perfect for those nervous speakers. If necessary, DOXIS can also prepare those giving speeches with some microphone tips and tricks!

15 Minutes before it is time to cut the cake, DOXIS will announce to the guests, ensure the cake is positioned correctly and ensure that the photographer is set up with the correct lighting. DOXIS will then gather the guests and introduce the cutting off the cake, giving ample time for photos. 

After the cake, the last formality of the day is the first dance. Gathering the guests in a semi-circle around the dancefloor and introducing you for the first time as a married couple to the dance floor.

As DOXIS is not only your host, but also your DJ, it's then straight into the evening's entertainment, which is what DOXIS does best. Having spent the day with your guests, he will already have a good rapport with them, creating a good atmosphere for the remainder of your day!

All hosting packages include a standard DJ package as standard. To book in for a personal consultation, use the form below or send us an email!

Contact Us

To contact us, please fill in the form on the contact page or email us at 

Alternatively you can call or text DOXIS on +44 (0) 7817 749783.

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