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DOXIS, aka Matt is a UK born DJ with a background in live sound engineering. From a young age, Matt was interested in sound learning how to run mixing desks for live bands and stage shows. Matt continued his passion for sound by studying Electronic Engineering with Music Technnology Systems in York, graduating in 2016.

DOXIS offers DJ and Mobile Disco Services in Kent and across the UK and Europe. 


The beginning

DOXIS began, as all DJs seem to, in the bedroom with a laptop and a passion for music at 14 years old. This passion grew with the investment of some Numark NDX200 CDJs and a stack of burnable CDs. After hundred of hours of practice, he was ready to play to a crowd, a house-party of friends with his fellow DJ friend. 

At 16, with a handful of house-parties under their wings, Bonnoir Mobile Disco was created. For a new mobile disco company, speakers and lights were needed. Being on a budget, Matt was gifted some old bass cabinets and spent time renovating then, installing new drivers and replacing horn tweeters with piezo-electric. This business venture was a great success, providing sound and lighting for small festivals and private parties. 

The Clubs

At 18, DOXIS, performing under his real name, DJ Matt Winstanley, got his first break at Club Chemistry, Canterbury playing electro-house at a specialist night. This opportunity opened up to playing at the club several times and at another venue in the City. 

At 19, Matt started at the University of York studying Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems. Here he enjoyed playing at all of the clubs in York. This started with small independent nights and ended with residencies at Tokyo York & Kuda for both regular and student nights. 

Matt also ran events throughout his time at York, from student events for the University to a 1920s themed electro-swing night, SyncopY. It was for this that Matt expanded his skills and learnt to DJ with turntables to fit into the swing of the night. For a taste, you can watch the aftermovie.


It was during this time, that the name DOXIS was born, to create an identity of the DJ persona.


In 2016, DOXIS graduated with a Masters degree. After 20 years in education, it was time to discover the world. DOXIS was lucky enough to earn a residency at Loft Club, Unique Hotel Post in Zermatt, Switzerland. Performing 6 nights a week throughout the winter seasons to crowds of party-goers and holiday makers. 

In this time, the Loft Club drew in record crowds as DOXIS grew a fan base with seasonaires and locals alike. The musical theme of the club was a party atmosphere, playing music of every genre from classic rock to latin. 

This residency also led to guest appearances at other venues in Zermatt, including the Broken Club, featuring on the local radio station, live from the club, and Hennu Stall, one of the largest aprés ski bars in the resort. 

In the off season, DOXIS performed at a handful of weddings in the UK but spent the majority of his free time, exploring the world and travelling, experiencing cultures. He travelled through Asia to Australasia and the USA.


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DOXIS first started playing private events including weddings in 2012 with Club Class Entertainment in York. After shadowing other DJs and learning about structures, techniques and engagement, Matt joined the team of DJs performing at weddings across Yorkshire. Through work within the bar and club scene, DOXIS has performed with various other agencies across the country gaining valuable experience. 


In 2019, DOXIS relocated to Brighton and set up DOXIS Weddings, after helping hundreds of couples across Europe celebrate their love. Investing in state of the art equipment to ensure that each event is the best it can be, DOXIS is constantly expanding his wedding packages to suit every couple. Find out more.

The Weddings

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Contact Us

To contact us, please fill in the form on the contact page or email us at 

Alternatively you can call or text DOXIS on +44 (0) 7817 749783.

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